Top tips: How to de-clutter whilst packing up to move!

19th July 2023

One of the more stressful parts of moving is the packing process! Making sure you have everything all organised and together can be daunting, not forgetting the stress of remembering those important family heirlooms, you wouldn’t want to leave nanna’s old wooden spoon behind! This whole process can be such a drain on, what should be, an exciting moving process.


Sorting out a lifetime of collected furniture, photos, bits, and bobs can be overwhelming to say the least. That’s where these tips will come in handy. To make the process of sorting and packing a little less daunting and little more manageable.


So, lets get into it shall we!

The ‘Marie Kondo’ Method

We’re sure you have heard someone mention the Marie Kondo Method before. Thanks to her hit Netflix show, Marie Kondo helped thousands declutter their homes and their minds, to the way that they viewed their belongings. This method is nice and easy, it takes a little courage to be brutal in throwing away things that no longer bring you joy.


The Kondo way is tidying by category, not by location. Beginning with clothes, then books, papers, miscellaneous items and finally, sentimental items (phew…nanna’s wooden spoon lives to see another day!).


The final step: Keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy. Thank them for their service – then let them go. So, when you’re looking at your belongings, ask yourself…does this item spark joy with me. If not, let them go.

Start boxing up your ‘essentials’!

And when we say essentials, we don’t mean your bathroom essentials.


We mean, first day in your new home essentials. We’re talking, tea, coffee, cleaning supplies, slippers, cosy blankets, a couple of camping chairs (if you’re moving in sans furniture for now) – nothing beats having a cup of tea, in your slippers, sat in your new space, camping chair or not.


One of the best things to pack in your new home essentials box is a few candles or reed diffusers, get that new home smelling like YOUR home immediately.

Do it for the ‘gram!

Take some before and after photos. Not only to pop on Instagram to show everyone, HEY LOOK IM MOOOVING! But more because nothing is more satisfying than seeing your hard work paying off.


Your home will be de-cluttered as you start to pack up to move, meaning all the items you have are items you want to have in your new home. Not just all the items you own right now popped into a box to sort out after you move.


Photos are also a lovely homage to your old home, whether it’s your first home you’re leaving to start a brand-new adventure or a family home, it’s always great to reflect and see how far you have come.

Patience is a virtue.

And finally, the best tip for de-cluttering your belongings before moving to your new home…patience.


Practicing mindful moments of calm whilst you are packing is the ultimate tip. This process can be a stressful and messy time, it can make you feel all out of sorts and a little homesick for the way things were before you decided to move. One thing you must remember when you’re sat with a mountain of clothes, your papers stacked up high, books all over the place and packed up kitchen utensils that you needed for dinner this week is to…breathe.


Take 5 minutes away from the clutter, go and get some fresh air and tall glass of iced water and take time to remind yourself of your journey, why you’re doing the de-clutter and what an exciting future you have ahead of you.


Once you master the art of mindful patience and gentle thoughts when you’re stressed out, the easier the whole packing process can feel.


And hey, we know you’ve got this. So, pop on some good music, grab yourself a little treat for when you’re all done and get de-cluttering and packing, your new home is waiting!