Staffordshire Social Care Charity Builds On Success With Walton Homes

29th February 2024

As part of a long-standing commitment to helping their neighbours, local house builder Walton Homes has pledged its support to Sherratts Wood Cares charity, providing materials, support and advice.

Sherratts Wood Cares Directors, Brendon and Louise Fletcher-Chard founded the Staffordshire-based charity together in 2010, with the aim of helping extraordinary people live ordinary lives through community learning schemes and supported housing.

The local social care charity created a 20-acre farm in Stoke-On-Trent and purpose-built centres in Lichfield and Burton-On-Trent, providing inspirational activities for vulnerable children and adults who may have learning difficulties, autism, mental health issues, acquired brain injuries or physical disabilities. Enabling them to be more independent for longer and to become the best version of themselves. By participating in normal life, often experiencing for the first time those things that most people take for granted every day, such as gardening, enjoying sports and caring for animals.

Sherratts Farm Cares Co-Founder Brendon comments: “Support from local businesses enables us to go that extra mile to provide facilities, activities and services which are simply not available through traditional Local Authority Social Care funding, that has been stripped to the bone over the last 10 years. This is why we are so thankful to the Walton Homes team for their support and generous donation of much-needed landscaping materials.

“With the Walton Homes team’s help, we can continue to provide meaningful activities for our customers, increase learning opportunities, build confidence and responsibility.

First on the list, the redesign and development of our chicken and duck area. Following last year’s prolonged avian flu lockdown, our birds were mandatorily kept inside for most of the year to contain the spread of the virus. Walton Homes generous donation of dry woodchip will help keep our birds happy and healthy, much to the delight of our customers.”

Walton Homes Sales and Marketing Manager, Helen Robinson, said: “It was great to see what an amazing service the Sherratts Wood Care team provide to the most vulnerable section of our society. It was an absolute pleasure to be there with Brendon and Louise; I was able to see first-hand the care and companionship they offer through their services, to enable an independent, purposeful living experience.”

Walton Homes Director, Amy Summerton said: “As a local, family business we are in awe of the great work, Brendan, Louise, and the Sherratts Wood Care team do for our community.

As a local housebuilder with more than 40 years’ experience, we have built a trusted network of quality, building and landscaping material suppliers for our new home developments across Staffordshire. And so we’re delighted to be able to help with Brendan and Louise’s redesign project by gifting our tried and tested hardwood bark chippings. We can’t wait to see the finished result.”

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