Energy Efficiency: Why a New Build is for you?

No matter the weather, you can be sure that a new Walton Home will keep you warm in the Winter months and water-efficient in the Summer, at a much lower cost than a second-hand property.

We use the most-up to date thermal insulation as standard! This means that you can enjoy lower energy bill. Our Argon filled windows allow the heat in whilst keeping the cold out.  In fact, a brand-new Walton home could be up to 65% cheaper to run than a second-hand property, meaning you could save upwards of £1,420 per year* on your heating bills.

All of our properties are adjudicated using the latest standard assessment procedure (SAP) and our properties are given a 10-year Energy Performance Certificate.

Our water-efficient appliances in our kitchens & bathrooms, can reduce your water consumption by up to 25% per day per person compared to the national average**. When you move into a Walton Home, we provide you with the information on how best to reduce you consumption to get the most out of your appliances and we offer further advice on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle by using less water.

Here at Walton Homes, we are complying with the most up to date building & energy performance regulation, leading the way in design and product innovation, it is a cornerstone of all of our house type designs and layouts. Great insulation, quality in construction and the most up to date heating systems reduce carbon emissions and will cut your energy bills considerably.


*Source: This figure represents the level of energy-efficiency of existing housing stock only (homes build up to 2007 when EPC’s were introduced)


All figures are indicative based on research from Briary Energy, April 2022.

Offer on selected plots only

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