Colour Trends for 2024

15th February 2024

Are you excited to know about the colour trends for home interiors in 2024? Always a contentious matter among homeowners is whether or not to follow trends that might be out of favour in a matter of months…we understand your dilemma!

However, we think the key trends for 2024’s home interiors are ones that you won’t mind investing in. According to experts, the upcoming year is all about bold and vibrant colours that can make a statement in any room.
From bold hues to soothing blues, these colour trends are sure to inspire a home refresh.

Tonal Themes
Single colour palettes utilising differing tones are a new trend in interior design. This style can add dimension whilst keeping spaces sophisticated and effortless. By playing with colours within one family, and layering different textures, patterns, and materials, people can create a stylish and approachable space even if they are not experienced in interior design.

Green with Envy
Shades of green are set to become very popular in 2024, running alongside the sustainability trend. Depending on the tone, green can function as a base neutral colour. For instance, a dark forest green may appear black, while a light mint green might look white, depending on the lighting and the other colours it’s paired with. Utilising this colour cleverly can create a fantastic space in your home.

Bold but Neutral
Bold colours that can be used as neutral colours are set to be a key theme within interiors this year. Using consistent palettes throughout the house incorporating statement colours such as deep greens and rich purples. These colours can be used in small spaces to make a big impact without committing to colour in larger areas.

Earthy Tones
Designers are noticing that earthy colours continue to be popular, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. We are expecting more beige, rust, and muted greens will be used in interior design, reflecting a shift away from brighter colours.

Back to Black
Dominant colours that offer a strong statement will be embraced in 2024. Black used as an accent colour creates a moodiness that is set to be much sought after within interiors rather than the light white and airy feels that have dominated in recent years.

Peachy Keen
Of course, it wouldn’t be a 2024 colour trend round-up without the Pantone colour of the year! Prepare to see sophisticated shades of pink and peach used in less traditional ways paired with warming tones for a soft feel throughout interiors.

Whether you’re looking to update your living room or bedroom, incorporating one of these colour trends for 2024 can give your home a fresh and modern look. Or if you aren’t quite feeling brave enough to take these colours to your walls, why not opt for accent home accessories.