Interiors Feature: A timeless trend of jewel tones

5th August 2019

Bold jewel colours have forever been a favourite in the interior design world and fast became a popular trend for 2019.

Our latest Showhome at Ferrers Chase, has utilised this trend in a clever way so as to not overpower the space whilst keeping a light and bright interior…so we thought we could talk a little more about how you too can fill your home with a wealth of colour.

Set the scene with a simple colour pallet and timeless furniture that fits your personality and style. Think about pieces that you can live with for many years to come and those that truly make your house your home. Choosing basic grey and beige tones for furniture and walls makes for an easy to change style so you can keep on top of the latest trends by mixing in different textures and colours.

Whether opaque or transparent, precious or semiprecious, gemstones provide such vibrant, unadulterated hues that really do speak for themselves. Layering up these tones can provide an exciting and unique space and now that we have set the background for these colours to shine it is time to add some pop of colour.

Subtle accents of greens, blues, reds and yellows can be perfectly combined with metallic shades to add depth and vibrancy to a room. Using simple accessories, cushions, throws and lighting can be the easiest way to incorporate this trend into a space.

Remember sometimes less is more with a subtle addition, or take that bold and striking approach!