How to create the perfect space to work from home

13th January 2021

Whether you are looking to set up an impromptu home office or redecorate a room in your home, it is important to remember that the space must allow for productivity. So here are our top tips for creating the perfect work environment at home without impacting on your life away from your normal working environment.

  1. Designate a space

It is so important that you separate work from home life even if it does happen to be under the same roof. You might be lucky enough to have a room dedicated as a study, or you might just have to donate a bedroom or area of your living room.

But having a space solely for the purpose of working however big or small means that you will be more focussed, productive, and organised. Make sure to consider your requirements for the work that you do, for example do you need a printer? Do you need any other equipment? This will all contribute to the amount of space that you need to set aside.

Try to avoid any sight line that reminds you of domestic work or real life so you can stay focused and not feel guilty about the chores that have not been completed and do remember your background for Zoom meetings!

  1. Create a separate mindset and routine

Do not forget to make sure you clock in and out of work as you would normally. Keep that work life away from home life and that way when you have finished for the day it is your time.

When it comes to paperwork remember to keep everything organised and separate, don’t let bills and bank statements near your workspace…that way you can’t lose things amongst the never-ending pile of papers.

  1. Storage is key

Maximise the storage space throughout your workspace, and no I am not talking about wall-to-wall shelving and bookcases (although they would be rather nice wouldn’t it) but tailor the storage to the space you have. It might be a few shelves above a desk with a drawer and cupboards built in…you can even invest in a unit that sits on top of the desk providing you with even more storage.

Think practically about how often you need certain files, so as to keep things that you require most at arm’s length.

Whatever the amount of space you have designated you can create the perfect storage to accommodate.

  1. Surround yourself with what makes you happy and motivated.

It might be that motivational quote on the wall, or the soft music in the background but a happy environment is a productive one so put some time into that self-love too!


We hope that you have enjoyed this read and it has inspired you to set up or re-do your home office!