We’re Creating a Greener, Cleaner Living Experience at Walton Homes.

14th July 2023

We are in the process of constructing a trial property at our Tamworth development, Woodwinds. We’re creating a prototype cleaner, greener home to support UK targets to be net zero by 2050.

The property is being built at our Woodwinds development in Warton and is compliant with upcoming building regulation changes for new and existing housing.

Amy Summerton, Director, said: “New building regulations came into force last month with the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities reiterating that the legislation is an important step towards a cleaner, greener built environment, and supports the target to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050.

A key aspect of these new regulations states that as of June 15th, any properties scheduled for construction need to demonstrate improved energy and ecological ratings, and we have been working with our teams to identify the best ways to meet these requirements. As such, our properties will feature wider cavities along with solar panels on the roofs where applicable. While the changes won’t dramatically alter the properties we currently have in development, we want to go further, and Plot 44 at Woodwinds is our prototype.

The three-bedroom home, which meets the specification of our Briarwood house type, will be fitted with an Air Source Heat Pump, while six PV solar panels will be fitted to the roof. By operating the house alongside its neighbour, Plot 43, which meets the same specification aside from the green modifications, we aim to liaise with homeowners to share their energy bills so that we can get an accurate comparison of running costs differences in order to roll the changes out across our developments,” said Amy.


“It is our intention to develop our technologies to make them as green, clean and efficient as possible for homeowners”

Amy summerton, Director

Our trial house will be fitted with a high-specification Mitsubishi Ecodan R32 type PUZ-WM50VHA Air Source Heat Pump, as well as a Mitsubishi EHPT21-UKHDW with a 210-litre cylinder. The solar panels being installed are Canadian Mono-Crystalline 400w PV solar panels, which will be accompanied by a SolaX X1 2.0-DW inverter.

It is expected to be completed in September.

Amy added: “Walton Homes is committed to delivering high-quality homes in a carefully considered environment, and as part of that, it is our intention to develop our technologies to make them as green, clean and efficient as possible for homeowners.

We anticipate a significant reduction in gas as a source of energy for new build homes in the coming years, so we hope that this trial house will position us ahead of the curve and better enable us to drive down running costs while enhancing the built environment of our developments.”


We’re Supporting the target to reduce the UK’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2050